The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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The Beginning

Training new clowns

  1. The universe of a hospital clown Basic skills for the artistic work in the hospital

This workshop is for those who start the path of clowning in hospital. Clowning in hospital is like driving a car…a lot of skills to combine. Let’s focus on learning skills, to add some more colors to your new sparkling work …

  1. The art of connection for clowns contact in lightness

A workshop about connecting and empathy in lightness, and about how clown play can lift the energy of his public, creating empowerment and perspective.

A clown connects to a child, its parents, the nurses, his partner and himself. We look how these connection can be a base out of which game develops. In hospital our public is often confronted with their own fragility and questions. This creates a certain responsibility when you enter as a clown. In this workshop we learn how to listen even better, and how a clown can help making these moments a little bit lighter.