The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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Ongoing training

  1. Tools to support your natural clown  Clowning from the heart

No sneaky tricks or hidden agenda's. A clown is naïve, open and pure. He has a ‘beginners mind’ and  finds everything interesting. As a clown you have to un-learn a lot. You need to be honest and in the same time be the biggest liar on earth. You are individual and universal. Clowning has its own language to support this simplicity and natural state of being.  It helps us to be clear and to communicate with your partner. In this workshop we will create a playful environment for giving space to our natural clown and we will examine some basics of the clown-language:

  1. First-degree play, how simple can you be?

  2. Tuning-in with your partner

  3. The importance of a good use of space while playing.

  4. Experimenting with clear focus and the ‘ping-pong’ principle.

  5. The '3-seconds-rule' and breathing as a ways to stay connected to your own emotions.

  1. One + one = three!  A workshop for duo’s

This workshop is about connecting, about being 1 and two at the same time, together in autonomy. Which are the dynamics and possibilities of the duo? How do you communicate  inside? And last but not least: How to let your partner shine!

  1. The present of your presence  A mirror for your clown.

After some years of clowning it could be possible you got stuck in your clown habits. Yes, you had the public and the colleagues, but maybe you know the feeling that you could need a coach, a clown-mirror who gives you a direct feed-back on your clown. That is what this workshop wants to offer…

  1. Going back to a 'beginner's mind', and get resourced to the roots of your natural clown.

  2. Learning to use the others as mirrors to investigate your own habits, finding them interesting, deepen

       them, change, unblock, confirm, feel surprised and laugh.

Aaaah! …i’m acting like this!…hmmm, interesting…what a pattern.

Let’s see if you can play with the patterns of your clown…to become present in your presence.

  1. The elasticity of reality  The (big) creator in the clowns.

Is reality something fixed? Is it personal? How to find ways to play with it? And can playing change our way of seeing it? In a hospital room lots of things happen, medical things, family matters, a child's emotions, etc.

The clown is a brief visitor in the specific reality of a room. Very quickly he scans the room, feels the energy, meets and proposes. With his play a clown is able to create a new reality, one that is totally imaginary, but he can also use ingredients of the existing one to play, making it elastic and lighter.

In this workshop we work with being connected to the moment, to here and now, to ourselves and people we meet, to the hospital chamber an all that happens.

  1. I’m totally Bananas! Communication for clowns.

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