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The essence & (non)sense of clowning


The Naked Clown 6 international training program

Food for Clowns

eat or not to eat, that the question

1 -5 july 2019

Brussels, Belgium

English spoken! 

This sixth International Naked Clown workshop is about feeding our clown.

We’ll work both with literal and metaphorical food to nourish our clown-practice, food to open up to our instinctive, animal, and sensual side.       

Let’s celebrate the senses, discover the hungry side of us!

'The Naked clown' series is meant for experienced clowns. We invite an international public, to share, to research and question our practices together, to deepen and to broaden our boundaries....

Pratical Information

When?: 1-5 july 2019

from 10.00 to 16.00

Price: 285 Euros  

Where? Brussels 

Info & inscription: info@clownsense.eu