The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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The Naked Clown international training program

Gut Feeling

28 & 29 mai 2016

Brussels, Belgium

By Bart Walter

Gut feelings are irrational, intuitive and strong feelings that tell you which direction to go. Unfortunately we tend to put them aside too often. In this Fourth International Naked Clown workshop we use them to clown; we look at how to recognize them and to trust them. We'll explore the vast landscapes of inner feelings, forbidden emotions and intuition: how to connect to them and play with them and to become illogically funny and real.

'The Naked clown' series is meant for people with already some clown experience. We invite an international public, to share, to research, to deepen  and question our practices together, and to expand our frontiers....

English spoken!

Practical information

                                   When: 28 & 29 Mai 2016 from 10h till 17h.

                                     Price: 150 euro.

                                     Where: Studio L’Envers, Rue des Tanneurs 87

                                     1000 Brussels, Belgium  

                                     Info and inscription: