The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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The Naked Clown international training program

The clown & willfulness

7 & 8 november 2015


Do you know what your clown lusts after?

And what not at all?

What moves him? What inspires him? Angers him, makes him sad? or Happy?
Find out which hidden stories your clown reveals!

Often we let go of our own story, to follow the one the other proposes. During this workshop we'll take a look at how sticking to and developing your own story, while staying in contact with and open to the other and all that happens. In short, how 'doing-what-you-want' can nourish and reinforce the game and bring you to places you didn't know of before.

The series 'The Naked clown' is meant for a professionnel and international public. With these workshops we invite you to ask questions, to share, to deepen, to broaden your boundaries....

Your clown is a whole universe!  We invite you to explore his strange new worlds, to boldly go where no man has gone before...

Practical information

                    7 & 8 november 2015 from 10h till 17h.

                    Price: 180 euro.

                      Where: Walpurgis, Antwerpen

                      English spoken!

                      Info and inscription: