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the essence of clowning in healthcare

This autumn we invite Michael Christensen for a unique clown workshop. Michael was the first clown to work in hospital, and he has been a direct inspirer of generations of clowns that followed his example. In 1986 he founded 'the Big-Apple-Circus-Clown-Care Unit', the first official organization that brought clowns on pediatric wards. Many of the clowns working with him have created since then clown organizations all over the world. This relatively young profession is still developing, finding new ways and places to clown, a research that we embrace fully with clownsense.

And this November he'll come to Belgium! The 'god-father' of clowns, 7O-years young artist, and above all a warm human being. With loads of experience, and playful and profound exercises he'll guide us to 'the essentials' of our profession.

Don't wait to long to inscribe, because we estimate that the workshops will be filled quickly!

Workshop 1: 25, 26 & 27 november 2017 ; FULL

                      het Heilig HartZiekenhuis; Lier

Workshop 2: 1, 2 & 3 december 2017: Few places left

                      Cellule 133a; Brussels

Price: € 295 per workshop

workshop in English!

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