The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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ClownSense Academy

Training  & coaching for healthcare clowns

Training & Coaching

ClownSense provides training and coaching for healthcare clowns. Below you find a variety of workshops and thematics that we find essential in the training of clowns. However, often we develop a program in collaboration with the organizations, listening to their questions and wishes. We find it fascinating to respond to them, it keeps us flexible and makes us grow in our own practice.

A small overview of possible thematics:


The Beginning

  1. The universe of a hospital clown Basic skills for the artistic work in the hospital

  2. The art of connection for clowns contact in lightness

Ongoing training 

  1. Tools to support your natural clown Clowning from the heart

  2. One + one = three A workshop for duo’s

  3. The present of your presence A mirror for your clown

  4. The elasticity of reality The (big) creator in the clown

  5. I’m totally bananas! Communication for clowns

In Belgium we created a formation to educate new clowns. For now this formation is only in Dutch, but those who understand dutch can have a look at: dutch info formation healthcare-clown

Some organizations with whom we work(ed): Théodora Foundation, (Switserland, England, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, China, Belarus), Cliniclowns Belgium, Die Rote Nasen, Fables Rondes, Tievo, ZorgSaam, vzw Stijn, Vonx, Talking Stick, Koning Kevin, Contactclowns in de Zorg (Neuzeneuze)...