The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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Clown & Tango

Joy Winistoerfer & Bart Walter

8 & 9 Dec 2018, Bruxelles

17 & 18 nov 2018, Potsdam

12 & 13 jan 2019, Zürich

For one weekend you're invited to search,

under professional guidance, for your inner clown. You will learn to improvise in a cheerful atmosphere, to laugh at your strengths and weaknesses, to dance and enjoying being foolish. The music as well as the stylized form of Tango will inspire you to see the humor in tragedy. You will experience closeness as well as distance. You will overcome boundaries by embracing and hanging on to the opposite, and by this find your own balance.

Joy Winistoerfer, studied Tango for years in Buenos Aires. She lso  works as a clown for the Theodora Foundation, visiting hospitalized children. In line with her on going efforts to connect humor with tragedy she's responsible for the comical woman show "Tango Loco"

English & French spoken!

When: 12 & 13 mai 2018, 10u -17u.

Where: Cellule 133a Brussel

Fee: 180 euro Brussels

         225 Potsdam