The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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Clown & Tango

Joy Winistoerfer & Bart Walter

Trilogy Brussels:

1 & 2 June

21 & 22 sept

9 & 10 nov

Other dates:

7 & 8 sept 2019, Potsdam

19 & 20 oct, Zürich

7 & 8 dec, Zürich

In these weekends you're invited to search, 

under professional guidance, for your inner clown through Tango! You will learn to improvise in a cheerful atmosphere, to laugh at your strengths and weaknesses, to dance and enjoying being foolish. Let yourself be inspired by  the atmosphere of Tango: the passionate music, beautiful costumes, the ‘abrazo’ and your own male and/or female side.   

The music as well as the stylized form of Tango will inspire you to see the humor in tragedy. You will experience closeness as well as distance. You’ll learn to lead and to follow. You will overcome boundaries by embracing and hanging on to the opposite, and by this find your own balance. You’ll discover your own unique way of dancing Tango! And at the end of the trilogy and real clown-tango Milonga!

Workshop in English!

- Le Tango: Drama & Passion: 1 & 2 june, Salle Argonne, Brussels 

- La Valse: a clown romance : 21 & 22 sept, Salle Argonne, Brussels 

- Le Milonga: Rythm of the fools: 9 & 10 nov, Cellule 133a, Brussels

Prix: 180 € per workshop, 510 € for three weekends

The 10th of nov we organise a real Clown & Tango Milonga, open to all, especially people who once participated in one of our clown& tango workshops! If you want just to join the clown & Tango Milonga, please inscribe here!

Fee: 510 euro for the trilogy, 180 euro for one weekend


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