The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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The Path of the clown

Clown & Tarot

Bart Walter

4 workshops in Brussels:

29 feb & 1 March 2020

5 & 6 sept 2020

26 & 27 sept 2020

13 & 14 feb 2021

This series of courses takes you on a journey on 'the clown's path', on a path under eternal construction. Four courses to deepen the clown. Discover unexplored landscapes of your clown through your intuition and your subconscious. The clown is a privileged place, even sacred, where we play with the gifts of the universe, and then make them visible to the public.

Each weekend explores a different aspect of the clown. Tarot is a common thread running through the workshops. The Tarot is a secular "book" which opens towards wisdom and insight through symbols and drawings. It is sometimes called "The path of the fool". Because the fool (or clown) is the central card, with which everything begins and ends.

Treat yourself to this journey, play with reality, enjoy your own nonsense and explore the transformative power of the clown.

Feb 29 & March 1,     The Fool follows his inner voice, lives in the here and now, see the unknown as

                                    friend, reinvents himself by transforming reality. A weekend to rediscover your clown.

5 & 6 sept                   The magicien, on the poetic and minimalist clown. Speaks of the magic of moment, the

                                    beauty of a breath, the creation of new realities ...

26 & 27 sept               The devil, push the limits, the clown-jester, the ban, taboos and all the rest.

13 & 14 feb 2021        The universe, everything comes together here! Me, the clown and the world, the art of

                                    the clown as art of life ...

Price 150 € the weekend / 550 € the 4 weekends

Where: Brussels, different places