The essence & (non)sense of clowning

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Bart Walter

My clown has been born in the streets. As a nine year old boy I started performing as a mime, and there, on the street I slowly developed to who I am now. The contact with my public, the pure emotion, made me grow, made my fire burn passionately and let me search always deeper into new ways of making contact.   Now, more than 30 years later, in a way I still do the same thing, ofcourse  I have walked lots of different paths, but the essence stayed...

I have now been working for more than 10 9 years as a hospital clown for different organisations 'de cliniclowns België' ‘Contactclowns in de Zorg’, Clowns à l’hôpital’ ‘Dr Zinzin’ & ‘Empathiclown’. Next to this I make theatre, started several companies (o.a. The Poetic Bodies, Kokliko Theatre, Cie LYDM) and have given birth to even more shows. My clowning-trail has led me to some very inspiring teachers  :(Michael Christensen, Avner the Eccentric, Lory Leshin, Moshe Cohen, Paul MacDonald, Robert McNeer ...etc...)

I have been inspired by and interested in Butoh dance, for which I went to Japan to study with Min Tanaka, and in Europe with several other masters.

The last years I have been more and more captivated by teaching. How to help people develop, as well artistically as personally. And by doing this I feel myself grow and open... and sometimes becoming again this boy of 9 years old...